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About Us

What is Hiatus?

Hiatus is a band made up of professional studio musicians. We were originally brought together to perform at a theme park, and quickly became a family. When the show was put on hiatus, and ultimately closed, we didn't want to stop performing together. Hiatus was born from our joy in music, and super close friendships.

What is Phantom Panda Productions?

Phantom Panda is a full service production company that manages several bands including Hiatus. In truth, Hiatus came first, then The Suffragettes (, then the sound and technical aspects began to fall into place, and Phantom Panda was born. You can find out more information about our company by clicking here:


Who is running this thing?

Good question! 

As you can see there are a ton of people involved in Hiatus. We say that we're "The same different band every time," and it's true! The people in charge, however, are Sean and Dani St Germain. Dani started Hiatus, and sings in the band, and Sean is the technical as well as often the creative brains behind everything Phantom Panda.